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We at Beans&Lentils.com would like to introduce you to the world of many possibilities with beans. If one learns the basics of cooking with beans and lentils, their repertoire of dishes becomes so vast, that they are able to make dishes from scratch for months without repetition.  Another way to prepare beans is to sprout them. It is economical, super nutritious and easy to use in salads, stir fry or as a garnish.
We are striving to be the one stop site for all your bean and lentil needs. Please send us an email with suggestions on how to improve this site so we may better serve you.
Kavita Mehta at BeansLentils.com

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Please let us know more about you so that we may further adapt our information and services to suit your needs:  The information will only be used to enhance our services.  Kavita Mehta.