Ideas to DIY your wedding invites

To create a wedding with beautiful designs and to bring out the ‘wow’ factor, you need to keep an eye for the attention to details. So, to bring that to your wedding day you need to get started with your wedding invitations. Add a few simple touches to make it into a customised wedding invite. The best are often those who have a simple element that makes the difference. We have rounded some ways that you can customise your wedding invites

wedding invites

Get your own personalised stamp

Personalised stamps are everywhere and for a very good reason. They make everything look like it is customised for you. You can use these on wedding invites and also while sending wedding invitation envelopes. There is a huge market for customisable stamps now so make your own unique stamp with the initials of you and your partner’s name.

Putting a ribbon on it

Just add a ribbon on your wedding invites and it look gorgeous with little effort and money. It is also a good way to keep everything together tied up making it efficient to travel with it. Although it cost efficient your wedding cards will get a boost of luxury.

Creative edges with punching

Make your card fancy without putting a dent in your pocket by buying a fancy stamp cutter. They are available in a variety of different size and design. It is easy to use them and you can use it to make your card look as fancy as you like. Just make sure to not over do it.

Address them beautifully.

If you want your invites to make an impact start by addressing them carefully, take calligraphy classes online and practice to perfect this skill. Now write the addresses on the envelope and make it look amazing.

Add a wash of colour

It is easy to create those watercolour patterns by just printing them on, but doing it yourself will give the card an arty effect. Try not to overdo the watercolour or the paper will change its shape. Practice first and for the card with watercolour ideas by following online tutorial.

Gild the edges

Do you want to give your invitations an expensive look? Just a little trick is to make a simple white invitation and add a touch of glam with a golden edge to make it look expensive. It is incredibly easy and you want to be careful not to ruin invites and practice before you start with your gilding adventure.

Tie with twine and tags

A rustic wedding look is always in style, by adding a twine and craft tag give it a personal touch. It also acts just like ribbon and keeps all the elements inside the envelope.

Customise your wedding band

Try customising your wedding bands to make sure that the ring that he will dawn has a touch of you creativity and love. There is this website on men’s bands that would help you a lot in this particular matter.