The most popular food dishes found at luau’s

Pacific Polynesian islands are the origin of most of the traditional Hawaiian Foods. In the heart of Oahu island, you can find a blend of Asian, Polynesian and Hawaiian influenced flavors. There are different kinds of foods that people can try at luau but most of the people prefer trying the traditional Hawaii food.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the most delicious foods that you must try at the luau. If you’re looking to enjoy the delicious food in traditional Hawaiian style, you must consider going to a traditional restaurant like Paradise Cove Luau. However, let’s talk about the most popular and delicious foods that are waiting for you.


Poi is one of the best traditional Hawaiian foods that you must try at the luau. The taro root is baked or steamed and pounded to make the paste that is known as Poi. In order to create a very sticky pudding, they keep adding water to the mixture while pounding it. The light fermentation in the preparation process makes it become slightly sour. The flavor of Poi is rarely found elsewhere.

The flavor and texture of this dish are incredibly amazing and most of the visitors consider trying this dish at the luau. You can also make it taste even better by adding a sufficient amount of lomƒi-Lomi salmon to your bowl of poi. The poi is also available in the powder form if you want to try the taste of this dish but we recommend that you must try the fresh dish because the taste of fresh poi is unbeatable.


Laulau is the most important part of traditional Hawaiian food. Laulau is made from the leaves of taro while the poi is made from the taro root. There are several layers of taro leaves used to wrap the pork and then they add a soft and smoky flavor to this dish by cooking it for hours in an underground hot rock oven.

The pork is not a mandatory option these days. You can ask them to wrap the chicken or fish in the taro leaves. However, the taste of the traditional dish is completely different as compared to the chicken or fish.

Kalua Pig

Kalua pig is another most popular traditional food that you must try in the luau. It is also cooked in an underground oven. It adds a remarkable smoky flavor to the dish as the pork is roasted slowly. There is a great similarity between American pulled pork and Kalua Pig. Ordering a big pile of rice can help add more taste to this dish.

These are some of the most popular food dishes that you must try when you’re at luau because it will help you create amazing memories.

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