Which thermometer to choose for your smoker

Thermometers are usually the essential temperature controlling tool for a cook. Not only you get the chance to track the temperature level of your dish, but you also have the full control over the heat level, too.

electric thermometer

However, often times it’s not so easy to choose the right thermometer for you. The choice mostly depends on your cooking level skills and the type of food you will be using it. Thus, before you make a final decision and choose a smoker, make sure you read these helpful tips first.

#1 Analog or digital

When you start your quest for the best smoker thermometer, you will first meet two different types. One is an analog thermometer, and the other one is a digital thermometer. The difference lies in the way it measures the temperature.

Analog ones usually use mercury as a way to measure the temperature level in a food. How does a mercury help in measuring the temperature? Simply, the mercury reacts to the heat by going up on the scale as heat rises. On the other hand, a digital thermometer is based on an electronic reader that is installed inside the thermometer. It measures a temperature by displaying the result on the digital monitor.

Both options are good, but most reviews say that digital ones give a better performance. First of all, they are more reliable and more accurate than the analog ones. Secondly, they are more consistent and provides results that are precise. Analog thermometers are a bit difficult to read.

#2 Leave-in

Some thermometers can be left inside the oven or a smoker, which allows them to constantly monitor the temperature. If you want a thermometer that can be put in the tray along with the meat, you should choose one that is a leave-in type. They come in both digital and analog version and acts pretty much the same (except the way they measure temperature level).

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On the flip side, there are thermometers that can be used only to check the temperature level and then be removed. They can’t be put inside the smoker and left there – you can only measure the temperature by putting the thermometer inside the meat and then quickly remove it.

#3 Bluetooth

Another great feature you should consider is a Bluetooth option. Some thermometers come with this option because manufacturers understand that you can’t always monitor the meat in the kitchen. By having a BlueTooth thermometer, you will get the chance to do something else, but you will still be able to track a temperature level in your smoker.

#4 Combo

Some thermometers can come as a combo, a set of two different thermometers. This is a great option for someone who is a more experienced cook or is a professional. With thermometer combo, you will be able to track temperature more accurately, because you will have two – usually different – types of thermometers at once.

#5 Features

Most thermometers, the digital ones to be precise, comes with some great features. You can choose between timer option, auto shut off, alarm, or programmable temperature. No matter which option you choose, make sure it will truly help you with your cooking.

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